30 October 2017

Can the Museum Workplace Be More Human?

A review of the Life@Work Conference in Brooklyn With my most treasured conference—Museum Computer Network 2017—coming next week, I recently completed my

16 October 2017

#MCNergy: Your solution to the post-conference blahs

This year at the Museum Computer Network's 2017 annual conference, I'm thrilled to be working with a team of 11 cultural-sector colleagues to address one

25 September 2017

Can Museums Listen to Responsiveness?

Museums are paying more attention to their workplace practices. Can "responsiveness" succeed where "employee engagement" hasn't? Here are lessons from the

06 September 2017

The Connection of Museums, Technology, and Entrepreneurship

An interview with CultureConnect CEO Samantha Diamond I had the pleasure of meeting Samantha Diamond, the CEO of museum technology company CultureConnect, at the 2016

28 August 2017

Autumn is Coming

Or as it was originally called, "Spring is Coming" and then "Summer is Coming." I've started this post several times over

27 March 2017

This is How We Blog in the Museum Field

A new book featuring blogs from museum professionals is a testament to the challenges facing our sector—and the great number of awesome people working

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