I'm not going to write about these articles per se, but they're definitely worth a read. Call it my curated online reading list.

  • A manifesto on design in digital publishing (from The Bookseller's very good five-minute-manifesto series)
  • The New York Times on digital lessons from the museum and art world
  • The Portland Art Museum's Mike Murawski, asking about the museum education and visitor experience field, Are We Becoming Too Reliant on Technology?
  • The Atlantic, on The Museum of the Future is Here, about the post-re-opening Cooper-Hewitt, featuring its recently-departed digital director Seb Chan
  • Times ad infinitum, on museums putting their collections online, how digital can bring audiences closer to the art, and online sharing of collections. Okay, this really isn't the same story over and over again?
  • It's a bit of old news, but the Times produced a report on its own internal culture, vis à vis digital and print.